Faculty Research Presentations

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1:30 – 2:15 pm

  • Design ResearchTobias Armborst (Art) ­­­Taylor Hall 206
  • The Mexican Drug War and MigrationSukanya Basu & Sarah Pearlman (Economics) Blodgett Hall 105
  • France and its Summer Festivals: Africajarc, a Gathering Around African Literatures and CulturesPatricia-Pia Célérier (French and Francophone Studies) Chicago Hall 109
  • Here Lies Love: Mourning, Memory, and a QuiltLisa Collins (Art) Taylor Hall 328
  • Lasers, Ultrasound, and Nanotechnology: The Physics of the Very Small and the Very FastBrian Daly (Physics & Astronomy) Sanders Physics 105
  • Sports Mega-Events in Brazil: Challenges of Hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 OlympicsBrian Godfrey (Geography) Ely Hall 200 
  • Black Panther GIs, German Student Radicals and the Racial Crisis in the U.S. Military, 1969-72Maria Hoehn (History) Swift Hall 101
  • Binomial Coefficients: A Chamber of SecretsJohn McCleary (Mathematics) Rockefeller Hall 310 
  • The Most Heavily Illustrated Book of the 15th Century: the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493Ron Patkus (Main Library Special Collections) Main Library Exhibition Cases
  • The Gig is in the Boiler Room: Filming the Soviet Rock-n-Roll UndergroundRita Safariants (Russian Studies) Chicago Hall 116
  • Is it Cream of Tartar or is it Gypsum? Ellen Swallow Richards, Environmental Science and Home EconomicsJill Schneiderman (Earth Science and Geography) Ely Hall 204
  • Dynamic Binding of p53, a Protein Suppressing Cancerous TumorsKelly Thayer (Chemistry) Rockefeller Hall 307 
  • My Adventure to Ukraine: Developing a Global Family in a Dramatic WayShona Tucker (Drama) Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film 309

2:30 – 3:15 pm

  • Vampires, Monks, and Holy Fools: The Mystical in Russia and Eastern EuropeCharles Arndt III (Russian Studies) Rockefeller Hall 203
  • Using Archaeology to Understand Native American Responses to European ArrivalApril Beisaw (Anthropology) Blodgett Hall 001
  • Fun Home Roundtable: A conversation about the Freshman Common ReadingPeter Antelyes (English), Jeff Schneider (German Studies), and Gretchen Lieb (Library), Susan Zlotnick (Dean of Freshmen) Rockefeller Hall 200
  • Tigers, Pangolins, and Pigs in Your History Courses (Oh My!)Julie Hughes (History) Swift Hall 201
  • How Sexist Is This Movie?Sarah Kozloff (Film) Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film, Rosenwald Theatre 109
  • Illuminating Dark Matter: Cosmology and Particle PhysicsZosia Krusberg (Physics & Astronomy) Rockefeller Hall 310
  • Making Sense of Humor: The Psychology of Jokes and RiddlesNicholas de Leeuw (Psychology) Blodgett Hall 105
  • Ancient Aliens, Flying Pyramids and Noah’s Ark: How Cult Archaeology Affects Popular Views of Science and Ancient HistoryLynn LiDonnici (Religion) Kenyon Hall 134
  • Hard Lines: The Boundaries of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the United StatesJoseph Nevins (Geography) Ely Hall 200
  • The Cost of an Oil SpillPaul Ruud (Economics) Blodgett Hall 122
  • The Cathedral of Notre-Dame in ParisAndrew Tallon (Art) Taylor Hall 203
  • Nazi Propaganda and Pop Culture: The Films of Leni RiefenstahlLioba Ungurianu (German Studies) Chicago Hall 116
  • Clay Minerals in Geothermal ProspectingJeff Walker (Earth Science and Geography), Ely Hall 204

3:30 – 4:15 pm

  • To Hear or Not to Hear: The Acoustics of Drama TheatersDavid T. Bradley (Physics & Astronomy) Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film, Martel Theatre 106
  • Seduction and Heresy: Sex, Scandal, and Politics in Eighteenth-Century FranceSumita Choudhury (History) Swift Hall 201
  • Sex on the Frontier: Understanding Fertility and Reproduction in Nineteenth-Century AmericaRebecca Edwards (History) Swift Hall 101
  • Queens, Learned Ladies, and Courtesans: Women of Venetian SplendorEugenio Giusti (Italian) Chicago Hall FLRC Computer Room
  • French Culture in and Around Alison Bechdel's Fun HomeKathleen Hart (French and Francophone Studies) Chicago Hall 102
  • Empty/Full/Inside/Outside, Abstract Paintings by Laura NewmanLaura Newman (Art) Taylor Hall 206
  • The Origins of Writing: From the Sumerians to the IliadBarbara Olsen (GRST) Sanders Classroom 013
  • Piano at VassarThomas Sauer (Music) Skinner Hall, Recital Hall
  • What Sort of Fiction is Nonfiction? Notes on Documentary CinemaShane Slattery-Quintanilla (Film) Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film, Rosenwald Theatre 109
  • Chemical Warfare in Our BackyardsKate Susman (Biology) Rockefeller Hall 203
  • The Fifth Horseman of Apocalypse: A Power Ride through Russia’s Imperial CapitalDan Ungurianu (Russian Studies) Chicago Hall 134
  • Green Building and Eco-City Development in ChinaYu Zhou (Geography) Ely Hall 200