Faculty Research Presentations

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1:30 – 2:15 pm

Roundtable Discussion of Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad (with members of the English department)
Susan Zlotnick (moderating) with Amitava Kumar, Jean Kane, Eve Dunbar and Peter Antelyes (English), Rockefeller Hall 300

The (Im)possible Task of Translation: Adventures in Bilinguism at Vassar
Roberta Antognini (Italian), Chicago Hall 137

Vampires, Monks, and Holy Fools: The Mystical in Russia and Eastern Europe
Charles Arndt III (Russian Studies), Rockefeller Hall 203

The Roots of Human Rights? Reactions to the Fall of Constantinople (1453)
Nancy Bisaha (History), Swift Hall 101

Lasers, Ultrasound, and Nanotechnology: The Physics of the Very Small and the Very Fast
Brian Daly (Physics and Astronomy), Rockefeller Hall 312

The Death and Rebirth of Ancient Greece and Rome
Curtis Dozier (Greek and Roman Studies), Rockefeller Hall 304

Microbial Communities in Health, Disease, and the Environment
David Esteban (Biology), Olmsted Hall 201

Vassar in Uganda: A Remarkable Collaboration of Music, Dance, and Education at the Ashinaga Rainbow House for Orphaned Children
Christine Howlett (Music), Skinner Hall Listening Classroom

Archaeological Research in the Field and in the Lab
Lucy Johnson (Anthropology), Blodgett Hall 101

On Doing Research on Health and Education in Rural Rajasthan (India)
Shirley Johnson-Lans (Economics), Blodgett Hall 122

What Happens to All the Women Directors?
Sarah Kozloff (Film), Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film 109

Playing in the Mud! How Geologists Learn about Climate Change
Kirsten Menking (Earth Science and Geography), Ely Hall 200

Who Was Confucius and What Did He Really Say?
Bryan Van Norden (Philosophy), Rockefeller Hall 210

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris
Andrew Tallon (Art), Taylor Hall 203

2:30 – 3:15 pm

Dante's Hell Show
John Ahern (Italian), Chicago Hall 137

Ending Deadly Conflict
Bob Brigham (History), Swift Hall 201

Billiards from a Mathematical Perspective
Kariane Calta (Mathematics), Rockefeller Hall 310

FESPACO (Festival Panafricain du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Ouagadougou): The Shifting Issues of Francophone African Cinema
Patricia Célérier (French and Francophone Studies), Chicago Hall 102

The Wanton Jesuit and Wayward Saint: A Tale of Sex, Religion, and Politics in 18th-century France
Mita Choudhury (History), Swift Hall 101

The Significance of Ambivalence
Jennifer Church (Philosophy), Rockefeller Hall 210

A Glimpse of Galaxies at the Dawn of the Universe
Debra Elmegreen (Physics and Astronomy), Rockefeller Hall 312

Holocaust Memory In Germany and the US
Silke von der Emde (German Studies), Chicago Hall Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC)

Writing about Popular Culture
Hua Hsu (English), Rockefeller Hall 304

Ritual, Brain, and Belief: The Cognitive Science of Religious Experience
Ken Livingston (Psychology), Kenyon Hall 132

Experimental Curating: Utopia Station
Molly Nesbit (Art), Taylor Hall 203

What Sort of Fiction is Nonfiction? Notes on Documentary Cinema
Shane Slattery-Quintanilla (Film), Vogelstein Center for Drama and Film 109

Why Are There So Many D••n Proteases? (and Why They Don't Turn Us All into Puddles of Mush)
Bill Straus (Biology), Olmsted Hall 201

Elemental Analysis of Art and Antiquities...and a Little Bit of the History of Chemistry at Vassar
Joe Tanski (Chemistry), Scientific Visualization Lab, Mudd Chemistry

The Fifth Horseman of Apocalypse: A Power Ride through Russia’s Imperial Capital
Dan Ungurianu (Russian Studies), Rockefeller Hall 203

Logic of Capital or Sustainability: Green Building Promotion in China
Yu Zhou (Earth Science and Geography), Ely Hall 200

3:30 – 4:15 pm

Using Archaeology to Understand Native American Responses to European Arrival
April Beisaw (Anthropology), Blodgett Hall 101

Sex on the Frontier: Studying Fertility and Reproduction in the 19th-century US West
Rebecca Edwards (History), Swift Hall 101

Obtuse, Capricious, and Nervy Lipids: Studies of Lipid Structure using Mass Spectrometry
Teresa Garrett (Chemistry), Scientific Visualization Lab, Mudd Chemistry

The Mexican Muralist Movement
Mihai Grunfeld (Hispanic Studies), Chicago Hall 137

Urban Education Outreach and Higher Education's Equity Agenda
Tracey Holland (Education), Kenyon Hall 131

Using Temporal Networks to Reason about Time
Luke Hunsberger (Computer Science), Old Laundry Building 205

Illuminating Dark Matter with Cosmology and Particle Physics
Zosia Krusberg (Physics and Astronomy), Rockefeller Hall 312

Robots, Animals, and the Study of Embodied Intelligence
John Long (Biology), Olmsted Hall 201

Remote Control: Drones, Homeland Security, and Life and Death at a Distance
Joseph Nevins (Earth Science and Geography), Ely Hall 200

Escaping the Eternal Feminine: Women Writers and the Russian Literary Canon
Rita Safariants (Russian Studies), Rockefeller Hall 203

Zombie Modernism: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and the Walking Dead
Matt Schultz (LTRC), Electronic Classroom, Thompson Memorial Library

Resource Depletion in the Pacific Northwest: Environmental, Political, and Photographic Perspectives
Peter Stillman (Political Science), Rockefeller Hall 210